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Zucchini loaf
zucchini loaf

Zucchini loaf recipe  I bought some Zucchini with the intent to make zucchini pasta. It is one of the staples at our home, we make it almost every week, especially when it is zucchini season (summer). I tell people all the time the way I can tell when something is on season is not that

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Vegan Banana Muffin

Vegan Banana Muffin you can make at home with ripe bananas! I like to eat my bananas before they are fully ripe. Once they are ripe they are too sweet for my liking but they are perfect for making banana muffins. So here is a delicious way to not waste you ripe bananas. Oh yeah

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Kibe Recipe

Kibe recipe from my mom. Most people outside of Brazil might not know this but in Brazil there is a lot of Middle Eastern influence. There are many people who are of Lebanese origins. With people comes their culture and their cuisine. So in Brazil you will find a lot of Middle Eastern food. A

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Guacamole Spread Sandwich

Guacamole Spread Sandwich is “The Golden Temple Sandwich” from The Golden Temple Vegetarian Cookbook by Yogi Bhajan. This recipe is part of our #VegetarianChallenge, where I am attempting to make all the recipes from this vegetarian cookbook. However, I do make some alterations when I don’t have the right ingredients or simply just want to

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