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Salmon cakes

Salmon cakes recipe to make a healthy meal at home. I love salmon cakes, you can eat them with a side salad or even use it a patty for a salmon burger sandwich. Warning: These salmon cakes recipe is on the spicy side. If you don’t enjoy spice just leave Sriracha out. Salmon has the

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Tom Yum Soup – Coconut shrimp

Tom Yum Soup is my favorite Thai soup. For those not familiar with Thai food it is a coconut shrimp soup. It has almost all the flavors balanced: sweet, sour and  salty. Just not bitter. It also has one of my favorite aromatic herbs, lemongrass. This soup is also under study for its wonderful health

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Grilled Thai Salmon

Grilled Thai Salmon means spicy and flavorful! The special ingredient here is the lemon grass. Salmon has lots of healthy omega oil and is also a good source of protein. Easy and fast! Wild salmon is the best, especially when in season. Ingredients: 2 tablespoons Thai Red Chili Paste 1 tablespoon vegetable oil (I recommend coconut

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Alfregherita Salmon Recipe

What is Alfregherita Salmon Recipe? Well…Do you love Alfredo sauce? How about salmon? Margherita pizza? If you answered yes then you’ll love this Alfregherita Salmon Recipe! Super easy to make. An original creation by Ananda Ballesteros. Salmon has the healthy oil Omega. The key is to eat in moderation since the Alfredo sauce has a

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