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Kibe Recipe

Kibe recipe from my mom. Most people outside of Brazil might not know this but in Brazil there is a lot of Middle Eastern influence. There are many people who are of Lebanese origins. With people comes their culture and their cuisine. So in Brazil you will find a lot of Middle Eastern food. A

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Rice cakes

Rice cakes is also a comfort food for me. Rice is a South American staple. We have rice and beans for lunch almost everyday. Sometimes there would be too much rice left over and so in order not to waste food my mom would make rice cakes. Although not the healthiest food because it is

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Chicken with Okra

Chicken with okra is one of my favorite traditional Brazilian foods. It is one of those comfort foods of the winter time in Brazil and I love to put hot sauce in mine for extra warmth. I love okra! I specially like how it is slimy! Some people don’t like that about okra but to

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Hearts of Palm Pie

Hearts of Palm Pie is one of my favorite Brazilian dishes that my mom makes. It is vegetarian and always a hit! It is a salty main dish pie. As far as pies goes, it is fairly simple to make too. Palm heart is considered a vegetable. It comes from the center of a specific

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