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Delicious Green Juice
green juice ingredients

Here is a delicious green juice recipe. Quick and easy! Put in blender: 4 kale leaves handful of blueberries 1 inch piece of ginger 1 pear, cut into quartered pieces 1 lime, cut into quarters, remove seeds and skins of all but one piece 1 cup of coconut water with pulp Directions: Put all ingredients

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Cranberry Cider Sangria

Cranberry Cider Sangria is a perfect drink for Thanksgiving! Alcohol is optional so the whole family can enjoy. It is not only delicious but also fun and beautiful. You can make ahead and leave it in your fridge that way it is less work on the big day and it will have time to sink

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Mint Frappe

Mint Frappe is the most refreshing of all iced teas! Simple to make. It has few ingredients and you can add your own touch to make it more unique.  Mint is one of my favorite herbs ever! It is super easy to grow. I highly recommend you grow your own even if it is just

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Lassi Recipe

Lassi – This is a tasty drink! It is a traditional Indian drink made with yogurt. You can make it with almost any fruit but the traditional is with lime juice. Has always been one of my favorites. If you are lactose intolerant no worries. Nowadays there is yogurt made of coconut you can buy, so no

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