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Mexican Green Rice

Mexican green rice recipe This is not that orange/reddish rice that is served at almost every Mexican restaurant. My husband (unlike me) is not a rice and beans guy. More of the meat and potatoes… Me being hispanic I am all about rice. He will eat it but not really enjoy it. Until he ate

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Pork Chops with Wild Rice

Pork chops recipe from the Midwest This pork chops recipe comes from my husbands family in the Midwest. This is an easy and fulfilling meal for the family. It was interesting for me to make it for two reasons. One – it has sentimental value to my husband since this is one of the regular

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This is the story of the childbirth of Iris, my second born. If you missed my original birth story here is the link. They say every pregnancy is different and indeed it is. This pregnancy my morning sickness was way stronger and lasted longer. I actually lost weight in my first trimester from vomiting so

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Healthy! Or at least trying …

Healthy or at least trying to be That would be a more accurate title for my blog I now realize. Because let’s face it I am NOT perfect. Come on! Not even Gwyneth Paltrow with her Millions of dollars is. I sympathize with the main character on the show “The Good Place: Season One” when

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